Ithaca Energy

Amphibious Energy was asked by Wood to participate in the tender to support a Central North Sea platform with its load requirements.

Wood, who manages this platform for Ithaca Energy, requested a 100% renewable energy system to replace a failed renewable system, which can handle both continuous and peak loads.  The self-sustainable unit needed to include remote monitoring of essential warning systems to ensure fulfilment of the obstruction marking obligations for platforms. It was also required to include a fire detection system.

Amphibious Energy presented Wood with a first of its kind, transportable, autonomous energy container- the EnergyPod, which is an all-in-one, plug and play package of wind- and solar energy and battery storage. It is designed to withstand the harsh offshore environment of the North Sea and provide continuous as well as peak load. More than five companies competed for this tender, which was awarded to Amphibious Energy in May 2018.

The two MonoPods, which will be operational as a Master-Slave system, were custom-built and passed a successful FAT with Wood. The units have been designed for it to be transported and assembled by helicopter.

Deployment date has been set for the beginning of March 2020.


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