Twin head

This includes a larger Hybrid EnergyPod (20 or 40 feet), called the Twin Head Hybrid EnergyPod, which can fit 2-4 wind turbines, multiple solar PV panels, and multiple battery packs.

The Twin Head Hybrid EnergyPod will produce 2-4 times more energy than the standard Hybrid EnergyPod.

All EnergyPods can be coupled with (existing) diesel generator sets


Footprint: 33 m²

Height: 6m

Length: 6m

Width: 3m

Gross Weight: 9000 kg

(Dis)assembled within 30 minutes

The Twin Head Hybrid EnergyPod can be delivered as a

  • Standard performance unit with 12 PV panels or
  • High performance unit with 20 PV panels.

Northern Latitude Yield example for the standard performance Twin Head Hybrid EnergyPod (calibrated in the Southern North Sea):

  • 460 – 7000W (continuous load minimum)
  • 5 – 61 MWh (annual power delivery)
  • 8 – 115 kW (peak load, for 1 hour per 24 hour recharge cycle

For detailed performance data, or to discuss your load requirements, please contact us.


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