We are honored that our EnergyPod technology has been selected as a finalist amongst 78 applicants from 11 different countries for the prestigous ONS award.


The jury received a total of 78 applicants from 11 different countries for this year’s ONS Innovation Awards.

Amphibious Energy has developed a transportable, autonomous energy container – the EnergyPod. The EnergyPod is a compact, wind- and solar-driven electrical generator that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. This makes it an attractive alternative to diesel generators. Supporting the late life cycle of an asset, the autonomous EnergyPod provides continuous as well as peak load for all vital systems onboard the unmanned platform during the safe-making and disassembly process.

The winners of each category will be announced during Digital ONS 2020 Tuesday 1 September. See Digital ONS 2020 on www.ons.no and the full programme can be found here.

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