Satellite-enabled communications specialist Krucial has partnered with Amphibious Energy, which provides renewable energy to offshore platforms and off-grid onshore locations, to offer a fully integrated sustainable power system with resilient, ubiquitous connectivity.

The partnership will see both companies work together to integrate Krucial’s state-of-the-art drop-in hybrid communications infrastructure with the 100% renewable energy powered Amphibious Energy electrical generator. This will supply connectivity and power to any sites and their respective assets anywhere in the world, resulting in significant carbon savings and the enablement of large-scale digital transformation. Users will have access to a complete overview of asset performance and environmental conditions.

Industries across the world, from energy to agriculture, are looking to cut emissions while also cutting costs through digital transformation. Krucial and Amphibious Energy can offer exactly that – powering operations sustainably and enabling the digital tools required to drive efficiencies.

Amphibious Energy specializes in designing offshore, autonomous, 100% renewable energy power generators that combine wind and solar power with storage. The EnergyPod is a sustainable alternative to diesel gensets and can provide whole sites with low-carbon energy.

Krucial enables the deployment of digital technologies anywhere on the planet, even off-shore and off-grid through cutting-edge satellite-enabled technology, resulting in the ability to remotely monitor and/or manage almost anything – including equipment, assets, people and environmental conditions. This will provide a perfect addition to the Amphibious EnergyPods, adding resilient and scalable communications capabilities to the renewable power infrastructure and unlocking the means to deploy solutions including personnel tracking, equipment monitoring, dangerous gas detection, predictive maintenance and more, anywhere on Earth.

Kevin Quillien, co-founder and CTO of Krucial, said: “The journey towards net zero will be driven by innovation and collaboration, which is what our partnership with Amphibious Energy represents.

“Combining clean power with constant access to accurate, remote data, will be transformative for many industries moving towards net zero. Driving cost reductions alongside carbon reductions is a win-win for everyone.

“We’re excited to explore new use cases and new markets with Amphibious Energy as we continue on our mission to digitize the planet.”

Willem van der Merwe, co-founder and Managing Director from Amphibious Energy said:Accelerating the journey towards net zero is hard and you cannot do it by yourself. You need to partner up with companies that can push innovation and boundaries. Especially in the offshore industry. Our partnership with Krucial offers the remote off-grid sectors a combination of two unique innovations. Not only does it provide 24/7 connectivity and zero carbon power emissions, it reduces costs and time as well”

You can find out more about Krucial at and Amphibious Energy at Amphibious Energy.

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