The Hybrid EnergyPod is set up with a unique wind turbine and variable series of solar PV panels. Powered by wind and sun, the Hybrid EnergyPod compensates for the slightly lower wind speeds at near coast locations. During the winter season, the unique wind turbine is the main power source. In the summer, the solar panels take over. A natural symbiosis of wind and sun are held within the Hybrid EnergyPod.

The specialised, patented wind turbine and its unique brake system can operate under harsh environmental conditions and still deliver peak energy. It will start generating energy at wind speeds of 3m/s (cut-in speed), and it functions optimally in turbulent as well as in laminar winds.

The Hybrid EnergyPod comes with a satcom connection, which gives operators the opportunity to remotely control the units from their own desktop.





Footprint: 17.5m²

Height: 8-10m

Length: 5m

Width: 3.5m

Gross Weight: 4650 kg

Extremely compact design

(Dis)assembled within 30 minutes

The Hybrid EnergyPod
can be delivered as a

  • Standard performance unit with 6 PV panels or
  • High performance unit with 10 PV panels

Northern Latitude Yield example for the standard performance Hybrid EnergyPod (calibrated in the Southern North Sea):

  • 220 – 3500 W (continuous load minimum)
  • 2.5 – 30 MWh (annual power delivery)
  • 4 – 60 kW (peak load, for 1 hour per 24 hour recharge cycle)

For detailed performance data, or to discuss your load rquirements, please contact us.


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