The EnergyPod

The demand for renewable systems for grid connected or off-grid applications is on the rise. Although there are many providers of renewable power solutions for the off-grid market, none offer an all-in-one, transportable package of wind- and solar energy and battery storage. This gives the user a 100% renewable alternative to diesel generators. Something else that sets the EnergyPod apart is that it allows all components to fit inside the container. Also, due to its 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, we can maintain the unit throughout its lifetime at any place in the world.


All EnergyPods offer the advantages of being:

  • Cost-effective: for off-grid remote locations the EnergyPod operates at less than half the cost of an equivalent diesel genset
  • A zero-emission power generator, supporting the global net-zero drive
  • Compact & transportable
  • Low maintenance – every 10.000hrs

Flexible configuration:

Flexibility in its design allows the EnergyPod to be assembled and single-lifted either by crane or helicopter, thus reducing installation time. Each unit has a flexible configuration to fit the requirements of the user, which minimizes the costs, risks and time for deployment.


Nautilus Wind Turbine

The horizontal helical wind funnel, which can be fitted with a 3kW or 5kW permanent magnetic generator, has a double layered housing. It sits in a free rotational frame, which turns itself towards the prevailing wind. The light weight rotor blades require far less rotation to generate energy than propeller blades. Not only does this result in diminished noise (<40dB), it also causes less rotational friction, which extends the turbine’s lifespan by three times compared to a standard propeller wind turbine.

Energy Management System (EMS)

Using sensors, this unique system continuously measures and adapts the performance of the EnergyPod for optimal power creation and delivery. It also allows the operator to monitor and control the EnergyPod remotely via satellite or radio signal. As soon as the EMS detects anomalies, the wind turbine will come to a standstill and the problem is reported to the user.

Hydraulic Brake System

The unique hydraulic brake system can hold a force of 620Nm (wind speed exceeding >40m/s). This prevents the generator from overheating or exceeding the batteries’ load capacity. Once the wind speed drops, the brake is automatically released and the wind turbine will continue to work as normal.

Solar Panel technology

The EnergyPod is designed with multiple, premium quality PV panels, each panel delivering 375Wp. If the load is high and more power is required, then additional PV panels can be added. The panels are calibrated to be placed vertically to minimize the footprint and reduce cleaning.

Remote communication/monitoring

Each EnergyPod comes with a carefree 24/7 remote monitoring and observation system, which is controlled by the EMS via SATCOM or 4G network connections. The monitoring system is accessible globally via a secure portal either by PC, smartphone or tablet. Monitoring includes:

  • Wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Smoke
  • CCTV
  • System anomolies
  • Power outage and generation

Battery technology

The EnergyPod comes with a dual 24 2V 900Ah (86kWh), PowerSafe SBS EON battery pack. These batteries act as energy buffers during windless and sunless days. It holds autonomy for 4-10 days (for continuous load users). For the larger TwinPods, four 24 2V 900Ah (172kWh) battery packs will be included.

Transportable plug-and-play system

With a footprint of only 7.5m2, it is the first time a 100% renewable power generator, which includes wind turbines, solar PV panels and batteries, is made transportable. The EnergyPod has been designed so it can be transported with all parts stored inside the 10ft or 20ft container. Set-up takes less than 90 min. after which the EnergyPod delivers power immediately. Due to its mobility, its rapid (dis)assembly time, and its durability, the EnergyPod can be used on multiple sites during its life time.


The beauty as well as challenge of any renewable power unit is for it to be dependent on natural elements for optimal power delivery. The unique compact energy combination gives the EnergyPod optimal performance during all seasons of the year. With units operating and tested in Southern North Sea conditions we can guarantee net power output for continuous as well as peak load for each unit.

Amphibious Energy has designed the standard offshore MonoPod to come with a dual 24 2V 900Ah (86kW), PowerSafe SBS EON battery pack, which holds charge for 4-10 windless days (for a continuous load user). For the larger TwinPods four 24 2V 900Ah (172kW) battery packs will be included.

The EnergyPod can be configured for two types of load deliveries; continuous load and/or peak load, either in AC or DC, and in any range of voltages.

For detailed specifications and performance of the different EnergyPods, or to discuss your load requirements, please contact us.


Net continuous load availability example of the EnergyPod, with one turbine and 6 x vertical orientated solar PV panels, in Southern North Sea conditions. Various configurations for alternative levels of power output are available.



Where a diesel genset needs servicing and refuelling every 450-500 hrs., the maintenance interval for the EnergyPod is once a year (10.000 hrs). Alternatively, maintenance can be scheduled when the user receives notifications on parts requiring replacement from the autonomous remote monitoring system built into each unit.


Purchase vs. Lease:

The EnergyPod can be purchased with a full maintenance and remote monitoring schedule, as well as leased for a flexible period of 18-60 months.

Included in both options:

  • Load configuration
  • Installation and removal
  • Flexible maintenance intervals
  • Carefree 24/7 remote monitoring and observation