Amphibious Energy has developed a transportable Energy Container that provides renewable energy for offshore platforms. This durable product can operate under harsh environmental conditions.

The container consists of a unique wind turbine. This turbine generates energy which is stored into a series of battery packs via an inverter. Electricity is then distributed from the battery packs to any onboard system. This can also be connected to a diesel generator when additional power is required.

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The Energy Container is a highly versatile energy solution. It can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the client and can be utilized in any environmental condition and in remote locations.

The Energy Container is benefitted with an extremely compact design. During transit, all of the components can be safely fitted inside the container, which makes the product easy to transport. Due to its mobility, its rapid (dis)assembly time, and its durability, the Energy Container can be used on multiple platforms during its life time.

Story behind the Energy Container

Amphibious Energy is a private Dutch company, with a focus on providing transportable renewable energy to offshore and onshore off-grid locations. We have extended knowledge and experience in wind turbines and electronics and are specialised in designing reliable, efficient, autonomous green energy systems.

The company was founded shortly after the first proto-type EnergyPods were tested in the Southern North Sea at the beginning of 2017. As part of this development, Amphibious Energy has modified Ventus Nautilus’ specialized and patented wind turbine (on the onshore market since 2012), for it to be used specifically in the offshore environment.

After a successful introduction of our EnergyPod, Amphibious Energy has designed three additional types of Energy Container; the Twin Head EnergyPod (wind-driven only), the Hybrid EnergyPod (wind and solar), and the Twin Head Hybrid EnergyPod (wind and solar).

Amphibious Energy has now moved globally, with agencies in Malaysia and in Brazil.

Is the container offshore approved?

Each component of the container is made of offshore approved materials to withstand harsh weather conditions. Containers that will be deployed offshore will also come with a DNV 2.7.1 and 2.7.2 certificate. This will allow the use of the container for Zone 2 applications.

How much energy does one Energy Container generate?

This depends on the amount of wind at any given time. The minimum amount of energy generated by a 3kW generator is 3500 kWh in the Southern North Sea environment, which delivers 280W minimum continuous load. It also depends on the amount of batteries the Energy Container contains to store the energy produced during peak wind times.

Can you explain the maintenance schedule?

Each offshore container will either have a one year or a two year maintenance interval depending on its use. Shorter intervals are recommended for systems that require regular peak load. It can also be scheduled with the operators maintenance interval for the topside. The EMS will also report what type of maintenance is required before each interval. The Hybrid Containers will have shorter intervals, every 6-10 months, due to cleaning of the panels.

Can the operator perform the maintenance themselves?

Yes, with the purchase of an Energy Container comes a one day training, which includes maintenance of the unit. In addition, Amphibious Energy will support and advice operators on maintenance timings and which parts need replacing prior to a maintenance interval.

How much does an Energy Container cost?

Due to the configurability of each unit costs vary. Please contact us directly for more information on costs.

Need to know more

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