Strategic growth ambitions prompted Amphibious Energy to relocate to the vibrant offshore community at Buccaneer Delft.

Amphibious Energy has recently moved its office from Rotterdam to Delft to join the vibrant offshore community at the Buccaneer Delft.

“We see this as an important step for our company and look forward to continuing our growth in the offshore industry from the Buccaneer.”  – Director, W van der Merwe

The recent downturn has forced not only the Oil & Gas industry, but also the Offshore Wind industry to be more cost-effective in their daily offshore operations. In addition, the Offshore industries have been under pressure due to the environmental impact of its operations. These challenges call for new technologies that can help the industry in not only cutting their costs, but being autonomous and also supporting the net-zero drive.

Amphibious Energy has designed a product to fill a gap in the remote offshore energy market. We have focused on above challenges by developing a transportable, unique wind-driven EnergyPod that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Our EnergyPod is a 100% renewable energy generator, which combines wind and solar energy generation with energy storage, therefore offering a unique all-in-one package. Our aim is to deliver renewable power and storage solutions, both onshore as well as offshore. By developing cutting edge technology and designing efficient, all-in-one, renewable energy systems for remote locations, it enables our customers to participate in the energy transition.

“By using the EnergyPod it not only supports the cost reduction drive by running at half the cost of an equivalent sized diesel genset, it also supports the net-zero drive by being a zero-emission power option” Co-Director, George Nadorp.

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