Renewable Energy

Welcome to Amphibious Energy

Amphibious Energy specialises in providing renewable energy to off-grid onshore locations. It has developed a transportable, autonomous energy container – the Hybrid EnergyPod, that is powered by a specialised wind turbine and solar PV panels.

Why the hybrid EnergyPod?

The Hybrid EnergyPod makes it possible to produce electricity locally without reliance on imported/transported fuels. Because of this, off-grid renewable energy systems are now seen as a potential replacement for both traditional diesel-based off-grid systems, and for existing grid-systems.

The construction of the Hybrid EnergyPod is based on that of our offshore EnergyPod, however, with added adjustable solar PV panels. The aim is to provide a care free, transportable, 100% renewable off-grid solution for customers in remote locations.

The Hybrid EnergyPod can be used as a generator for standby, emergency, prime or continuous power supply for mid- to lower power requirements. It can provide continuous and/or peak load, and can be remotely controlled via Satcom.


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Environmentally friendly

  • Cuts fuel costs
  • Cuts maintenance costs
  • Reduces the power dump load


  • Can be used on multiple sites during its life time
  • 6-12 months service intervals
  • 10+ year life time

Compact & Transportable

  • All parts of the EnergyPod can be safely stored inside the container during transport
  • Assembly takes approx. 30 min
  • Can immediately produce and deliver energy after installation

Silent wind turbine

  • Wind turbine noise reduction (<40dB), due to unique blade design
  • Ideal for use where noise pollution is an issue


  • 100% clean, renewable energy
  • Complies with regulations to protect the environment
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Reduces Operating Costs

  •  Enclosed wind turbine housing for safety
  • The EMS can be monitored and controlled remotely by the operator
  • In case of system failure, the batteries will continue to deliver power for 12 days


EnergyPods to support Central North Sea Platform

Amphibious Energy is proud to announce it secured a contract for the delivery of two EnergyPods for the Wood Group in the UK. These 100% renewable power units will support a decommissioned platform in the Central North Sea with its load requirements until complete...